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Before purchasing a property, it is essential to conduct inspection and testing to prove the land area can support your needs be it for agricultural purposes, residential, or commercial.


Pro Tank Removal is your helping hand! We offer a multitude of services in Washington D.C. that can accommodate your needs.

    • Want to install a new above or underground oil tank? We got you covered! See our Oil Tank Installation services!
    • Have an old, rusty buried oil tank you want to haul away from your property? Pro Tank Removal can do that too!
    • Want to know whether the property is contaminated with hazardous chemicals? Do not worry, we have Soil Testing services as well!
    • Care about the environment? Check our Environmental remediation services to see how we can work together in making the community green again.

    Contact Pro Tank Removal to set a consultation. Eliminate your worries by letting professionals perform the necessary steps for oil tank installation, oil tank removal, soil testing, and environmental remediation.

Choosing Pro Tank Removal means hiring the best contractor team and successful partnership.

  • Humble and easy to communicate
  • Share the same vision for your project
  • Flexible to necessary adjustments or new approaches 
  • Tolerate risks, but keep the health and safety of everyone a top priority
  • Persistent and resilient, especially when dealing with challenges
  • Focused on achieving the goal

The Pro Tank Removal Difference lies in our consistency to deliver superior oil tank services. Plus, you can rest assured that your property is cleaner and healthier with:

oil tank removal
  • Reduced contamination risk
  • Better landscaping and improved curb appeal
  • Healthier and stronger soil both for residential and commercial use
  • Minimized health and fire risks


Pro Tank Removal works with hundreds of local experts to further improve the delivery of our services. Our team will make the process easy by working with our networks and the right professionals for the project. And we can get you an estimate and the best deal that will save you a ton of money.

Get accurate quotes for your needs

  • We specialize in handling projects involving buried storage tanks. That means we can provide oil tank solutions and estimates within 24 hours.
  • We do not waste a dime! Our Washington oil tank company strives to complete the job efficiently and not waste people’s time and money. We can provide a proposal with no extra fees or any hidden charges.
  • You can sit back and sleep well at night knowing that you are working with qualified oil tank contractors. We guarantee customer satisfaction!


Benefits of our customers

  • Significantly reduce risks and costs
  • Improve safety during and after the project is done
  • Ensure optimal use of tools and equipment to shorten work timeframe
  • Eliminate any unreliable or unnecessary data that will not help accomplish the job
  • Improve planning and optimize strategies
  • Avoid sustaining injuries and other expensive emergencies


Are you ready to work with us? Contact Pro Tank Removal now! Let us get your project going! Talk with our representative to learn how we can help you.

a property getting oil tank removal

The Best Oil Tank Removal Company in Washington D.C.


Dealing with an abandoned oil tank is a stressful process. If left alone, the above-ground oil tank or underground storage tank can create health and environmental concerns. If not handled correctly, you could face thousands of penalty fees.


Oil tank disposal is not something you should handle with the assistance of professional contractors. You need experienced technicians and personnel to carry out the job with fewer mistakes or property damage. Working with experts is a better idea to guarantee the physical safety and health of the people.


When it comes to dealing with oil tanks, you need all the expertise and skills you can get. As a professional oil tank remover in Washington, Pro Tank Removal will not stop until we can guarantee that your property is safe, clean, and healthy. We have completed hundreds of Washington oil tank disposal projects for our customers. And we understand that every underground storage tank removal is unique.

Oil Tank Removal Requires Safety


Pro Tank Removal aims to go above and beyond the expectations and standards of our customers. We are problem solvers and committed to the top-notch quality of service, hence we use only the best strategies for our:


  • Oil tank installation services
  • Oil tank removal services
  • Soil testing services
  • Oil sweep services
  • Environmental remedies services 


So if you are looking for the best oil tank contractors in Washington D.C. for your specific needs, our extremely experienced team got your back.


Pro Tank Removal contractors and personnel are trained to perform installation, removal, disposal, and environmental work. 

We adhere to procedures prescribed by the local authorities including the fire marshal, and we are qualified to carry out our services in residential or commercial properties.


For full details of our oil tank services or to know more about Pro Tank Removal, talk with our representative!

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Many underground oil tanks in the United States have been existing for over 30 years. Removing underground storage tanks is a serious task that demands the expertise of trained and experienced personnel. 


From beginning to end, Pro Tank Removal will manage the entire project. No time to waste! Our team will discuss the whole process, handle everything, and deal with the contamination created by the oil tanks. 


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