Oil Tank Removal Service

Need a professional oil tank removal service in Washington D.C.? Pro Tank Removal is eager to serve you. Leave us a message or contact our office so we can start discussing your oil tank project and how our services can help.


Searching For An Oil Tank Removal Service?

There are numerous reasons why you might want to remove the oil tank within your property. Oil tanks, specifically old underground oil tanks create concern because they have a finite life expectancy. That means it can corrode, leak, and contaminate the soil and water systems. 


  • Buried oil tanks create concerns for the health of the community members and environmental issues
  • Perhaps you are tired of the excessive maintenance and inspection required by local rules and regulations
  • You want to sell your home for top-dollar and an abandoned oil tank is serving as an issue

Property Transactions

The price of fuel is quite expensive and rising each year

If you have any problem with your oil tank or want it removed, hire our qualified team. Pro Tank Removal consists of professionals who can handle this dangerous and toxic substance properly.

Personal Attention and Professional Oil Tank Removal Service in Washington D.C.

At Pro Tank Removal, we dislike pitching sub-quality services. Our passion is to get our customers the best service you need. As a team of professional contractors, you can eliminate your worries knowing that your oil tank needs are being taken care of by experts.

Here’s what makes Pro Tank Removal the best oil tank removal company:

oil tank removal service
  • A reliable team of expert and well-trained contractors
  • Easy communication
  • Actual people answering your inquiries and other concerns regarding the project
  • Organized and swift response, especially during emergency situations 


Pouring sand over underground oil tanks is an old approach. It is not only time-consuming to dig up and refill the hole but very costly too. And still, that won’t guarantee the safety and health of the property owners and workers.


In most cases, the best and recommended approach is to conduct an oil tank removal. Depending on the location and considering the quality of material, Pro Tank Removal can remove it in 24 hours. 


An oil leak during the oil tank removal is a cause for alarm. Our Washington D.C. oil tank removal services are available to help you remove the tank and clean the area.


It is a smart idea to allow a professional oil tank remover to handle the job. Call our office and set a date and time to meet with our experts.

No Hesitation. Make No Mistake.


If you are searching for an “oil tank removal near me” online, look no further, Pro Tank Removal will do it for you. We have experienced oil tank removers who follow precautionary methods. Leave the work to us and we will ensure the whole process is done correctly and efficiently.


  • We will inspect the oil tank for leaks and cracks
  • We will ensure the oil tank is shut off and does not contain fuel or other chemicals
  • We will remove and clean any residue left from the oil tank
  • We will avoid any potential oil removal disaster that may occur
  • We will prevent unnecessary damages


Learn more about Pro Tank Removal and our oil tank disposal services in Washington D.C. Talk with our representative today. We know that time is of the essence, so we will provide immediate oil tank removal.

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