Soil Remediation Washington D.C.

Millions of buried oil tanks contain hazardous chemicals that have harmful impacts on our environment. Pro Tank Removal offers environmental remediation services in Washington D.C. that aim to help make the community green again.

Environmental Remediation

What is Soil Remediation?

The soil, water, and air can be contaminated with liquid and gas pollution. Until the remedy is enacted, the surrounding area will get poisoned as well.

Environmental remediation is one of our services for Washington oil storage tanks that has the goal of providing in-depth:


  • Oil sweep
  • Soil testing
  • Lab and chemical testing
  • Soil removal
  • Oil tank removal
  • After-service monitoring


One of the most common causes for environmental concerns on the lower level is leaking underground oil tanks. It is a natural phenomenon that a buried steel tank will rust, crack, and leak. The question of when it will happen depends on numerous factors such as the type of soil, strength of materials used, thickness of the oil tank, and its estimated lifespan.


As a property owner, it is your responsibility to handle any contamination within your vicinity and prevent it from harming other people. The way to do that is by letting professional oil removal companies in Washington perform inspections and remedies.


Dilly dallying will only make matters worse. From the moment you realize visible signs or symptoms of contamination, get in touch with professionals right away.

How Can You Tell If You Need Washington D.C. Soil Remediation?

An oil tank that is leaking is a reason to immediately call the professionals. It is important to be aware of the signs and symptoms of oil tank leakage in order to prevent other problems from arising. Beware of these signs:

  • Dead or dying vegetation on and around the location of the oil tank.
  • Your water starts to taste and smell strange.
  • Your water system developed shades of brown, green, or black.
  • The soil near the oil tank is darker compared to the rest of the land area.
  • The fuel lines have water leaks.
  • You can smell the oil from the ground and inside the building.


If you are experiencing these symptoms of leakage from buried oil tanks, it might be better to consult with experts right away. These signs are easy to detect and require fast action or environmental remediation services.

soil remediation from property

The Best Soil Remediation Company in Washington D.C.

Hire Pro Tank Removal to remove and refill contaminated areas in your property. We have the right environmental remediation solutions that will stop the devastating effects of oil tank leaks.


  • We have trained personnel and industry-grade equipment that will ensure the efficiency and cost-effectivity of our soil remediation solutions.
  • We are open to discuss the specificity of your oil tank removal project and answer any questions you might have regarding our services and approaches.
  • We are a full-time oil tank removal company that offers various services that have environmental advantages.
  • Pro Tank Removal consists of determined and seasoned contractors and are confident to complete the job.
  • We follow rules and regulations to prevent injuries and other disasters.


Pro Tank Removal has the best environmental remediation contractors. And we offer affordable services including underground oil tank scan services, oil tank removal, oil sweep, soil testing, and soil remediation services in the Washington D.C. metropolitan. 


To know the full details of the work we do and the options you have, contact our office today. 

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