Soil Testing For Oil Contamination

Are you planning to build a house? Did you just buy a property? Pro Tank Removal offers Washington D.C. soil testing services to check whether the ground has been contaminated with oil or not.


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`How Our Soil Testing Services Can Save You Money, Time, & Pain

Soil testing is usually done before setting the footings of a new building. But it is also recommended to conduct soil testing for a property that you want to purchase. Soil testing is a critical procedure before buying a property or pre-construction to avoid facing numerous problems later on.


Above ground or buried oil tanks wear and tear over time causing health and environmental problems. Furthermore, if the soil is found to be contaminated, it might not be good to support a foundation.

Sources of soil contamination

Although leaking oil tanks are often the key source of soil contamination, the soil may be contaminated in different ways:


  • Pollution from nearby industrial or manufacturing facilities
  • Improper disposal of waste products
  • Chemicals dumped from residential and commercial infrastructure such as oil spills, pesticides, and herbicides from vehicles, oil tanks, and machinery.


When you have Washington D.C.’s best soil testing contractors at your side, you won’t have to worry about costly future problems or mistakes. Soil testing can determine how strong or weak the soil is contaminated. 


Soil testing contractors like Pro Tank Removal also test for toxins like copper, arsenic, and lead that could be hazardous to the whole community. The soil is used not just for building structures, but also for growing plants. Once we have detected soil contamination, we will be able to prevent plants from getting poisoned.


Test the soil prior to buying a property or building a new structure. If you have specific questions regarding our oil testing services or underground oil tank scan services, give us a call.

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Test the soil prior to buying a property or building a new structure. If you have specific questions regarding our oil testing services or underground oil tank scan services, give us a call. 


How exactly do we perform soil testing?


  • First, schedule a consultation with our team. Our seasoned soil testing contractors will test the property that is for sale.
  • Second, we will dig up holes and collect samples from different areas, place them in jars, and get them ready for testing.
  • Third, we will gather between four and eight samples to test to get more accurate results.


The initial step you must do is consult with the best soil testing company in Washington D.C. Pro Tank Removal can give you insights regarding Washington oil storage tanks, oil tank removal, and soil testing.

Why Choose Pro Tank Removal for Soil Testing Services in Washington D.C?

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Pro Tank Removal has been offering Washington soil testing services for years. We are tagged as an expert in this industry and have a great track record for satisfied customers. Our seasoned and expert team wants to help you too!


We will not miss any warning signs that show the soil is contaminated

Our team can easily detect symptoms and recommend remedies for infected areas

We are a team of oil tank removal specialists in Washington who can create custom solutions for your problems


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