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What Factors Must Be Considered When Installing An Oil Tank?

There are things you must consider before hiring the best oil tank company in Washington D.C. such as the pros and cons of installing an oil tank and the competency of the technicians you are going to work with.


We at Pro Tank Removal know that oil tanks can be dangerous and a leak could have a harmful effect not only on your property but on the entire community as well. That is why we have outlined information you should know before doing an oil tank installation in Washington D.C.

Where to place the oil tank?

Regarding the location of the oil tank, you must adhere to the rules and regulations to prevent any accidents or hazards.

  • Above-ground Oil Tanks

This type is exposed with the tank resting on a solid concrete foundation and can either be inside or outside the building. Typically, it is placed on an area that can be easily accessed for repair, maintenance, and inspection.

  • Underground Oil Tanks

This type refers to oil tanks that are buried under. That means the tank, lines, and components are underground.

digging for oil tank installation


Oil tanks, especially underground oil tanks, should be installed by professional energy providers. It is highly recommended to have trained technicians handle the job to avoid any mistakes or putting yourself at risk. Pro Tank Removal has a team that will carefully and properly install the oil tank.




Oil tanks are required to undergo an annual inspection. For underground oil tanks, the soil and water system must be tested. Also, water accumulation on the bottom of the oil tank must be pumped out, if not, it can cause the oil tank to rust and leak.


Pro Tank Removal has years of knowledge and experience installing residential and commercial oil tanks. If you are looking for a professional team to install an oil tank on your property, we are the technicians you need. We know you have any questions about your options, and we are glad to explain them in great detail.


Professional Oil Tank Installation in Washington D.C.

As the leading oil tank removal company nearby, we also provide exceptional oil tank installation service, featuring high-quality materials and best installation practices to keep the health and safety of all people involved. 

Fuel oil is dangerous as it can contaminate anything. Using low-quality materials and components may cause clogging or obstruction that could interfere with the burning of the oil and create significant health and environmental hazards. 

You can avoid such unpleasant and serious problems by hiring the best oil tank company near you. A reliable and qualified team of technicians is essential to ensure the Washoil tank installation is done correctly.

oil tank installation

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