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When looking for the best oil sweep company, look for someone who offers cost-efficient and top-notch service. Pro Tank Removal is the oil tank service provider you can trust. Set a meeting with our expert team today!


Trust The Best Oil Sweep Contractors

An oil tank sweep is a crucial process in order to determine whether an oil tank is present within the property. Pro Tank Removal offers oil sweep and underground oil tank inspection to determine any exterior and interior remnants or possible signs of previous underground oil tanks. 

  • We will inspect the area for visible signs of oil tanks
  • We will scan the location using an industry-standard metal detector
  • We will mark and probe any area where metals might be detected

Old residential properties often have old, rusty, and degraded buried oil tanks. Unfortunately, some people couldn’t care less about their underground oil tanks, hence abandoning them. If you are unaware of an underground oil tank in your property, leave the job to the best oil sweep contractors. 

Pro Tank Removal carries the right tools and industry-grade instruments to effectively detect the presence of buried oil tanks. We specialize in oil sweep, as well as oil tank installation, oil tank removal, and inspection. We have years of experience under our belt, but the primary reason you should hire us is:


  • We specialize in creating custom oil sweep solutions for our customers.
  • Our experience in oil tank removal and oil sweep enables us to complete projects in a shorter time frame at a fair price.
  • Our contractors are not only determined to finish the job, but we are also committed to protect the safety and health of everyone.
  • We follow regulatory requirements and provide a complete oil sweep report. 


Call Pro Tank Removal for professional insights. You can trust our team to provide the highest quality of service.

Underground Oil Tank Sweep Services Protects Homeowners

Underground oil tanks deteriorate over time and start leaking oil into the surrounding. Sometimes, damaged and leaking underground oil tanks could cause the land to collapse and create a sinkhole. By hiring Pro Tank Removal, you are saving yourself hundreds and thousands of dollars in potential lawsuits and:

  • Adverse environment and health impact
  • Decrease in property value
  • Expensive cleanup costs

To learn about our affordable oil sweep services and others, or to request a quote, contact us.  

oil tank sweep being performed on driveway

What Happens During An Oil Tank Sweep?

A buried oil tank is harder to inspect and maintain. If your property has an underground oil tank that you might want to get removed, Pro Tank Removal is at your service. Our team can perform an underground oil tank scan service that can effectively locate both inactive and active oil storage tanks.

The location of the underground storage tank, as well as the area surrounding it needs to be inspected. Our oil sweep solutions will help detect any trace of underground storage components which could include:


  • Oil tank pipes
  • Fill pipes
  • Shutoff switches for oil burner
  • Copper fuel lines
  • Vent pipes


Pro Tank Removal’s oil tank sweep entails locating buried tanks, findings, and recommended steps to take. Give us a call if you need to locate and remove an old, abandoned oil tank in your residential or commercial property.

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